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A Brief Introduction to Palm Sugar

  What I’ll always remember about Singapore is the haze. Unbeknownst to me, my month of staging would directly coincide with the peak of Indonesia’s palm sugar harvest. As I stepped off the plane, directly across the Java Sea thousands of acres were being burned and the jet stream was dumping all of the residual… Read more »

Thoughts; a post by Amanda Rockman of Pastrylandia

  “So, I think I’m moving.”   “No way- you’ve said this before and you never do- you would never leave Chicago.”   “No, really. Leigh. I’m leaving Chicago.”   That is when I knew it was really happening- I said it out loud to another pastry chef AND was convincing her to take my… Read more »

Meet Amanda!

I met Amanda Rockman over bowls of boiled chicken and rice, Hianese style, curled up on upholstered dining room chairs next to each other. It was an evening of the kind of laughter that contorts your face, cramps your stomach, and otherwise leaves you feeling drained in the best way possible. We might have left… Read more »

Discoveries in Thailand

This is the second installment in a series of posts I’m writing on my experience staging at a few restaurants in Southeast Asia. Last time, I talked about the technical similarities between French dough lamination and flaky Asian pastries. Below, I focus on a different doppelganger, this one embraced around the world. The restaurants I… Read more »

Sweet on Mathew

 Mathew Rice, the pastry chef at The Publican restaurant in Chicago, sat down for a lovely chat about his recent experience on the first all dessert episode of the Food Network’s cooking competition, Chopped. Spoiler alert! He was crowned victorious, and with his winnings he is investing in his own exciting website, called Spilled Milk… Read more »

A chef on “vacation”

  my latest contribution to Chefs Feed delves into what it’s like for a chef to vacation. I struggled to write this piece, as I had only vacationed as a chef. But after a few months away from the grind of restaurants I took a trip to Mexico for a friends wedding. Two days after… Read more »


The internet is a wonderful thing. Art forms that were once inaccessible to most people have become readily available. Interested in listening to an obscure Italian opera? That’ll be twelve bucks in iTunes. Need to scroll through the entirety of Monet’s impressionist collection? Google Images has you covered. Food, however, remains inconveniently tangible and requires… Read more »

Meet Harry!

We have a new writer joining the community here at The Pastry Department! Harry Flager has just returned stateside after staging in various restaurants through out Asia. If you know Harry, you know that staging is the foundation of his self structured education, a practice I HIGHLY encourage all young cooks to consider. Heck, old… Read more »

A Recipe for Transperancy

It’s been a busy past few weeks….but isn’t it always. Seven weeks ago I was happy to participate in the Valrhona C3 competition held at the StarChefs Congress in Brooklyn. “caramel cremeux coated in speculoos cookie butter, dipped in chocolate, rolled in gold” Four weeks ago I had a Chef de Cuisine from a Michelin 2… Read more »