October 4, 2015

In a small nook in the back of the kitchen. On half a table shared with garde manger. Around the corner from the walk in. Against the back wall under the pots and pans. On a small station until 2pm when the cooks get in. Upstairs in the attic intermingled with the private dining kitchen. Downstairs in a windowless room in the basement. In the hallway between the kitchen and the walk in. Halfway between the dish pit and the coffee station. On a floor all to itself with a walk in and freezer of it’s own.

This is where you’ll find the pastry department. And in the pastry department you’ll find us, dedicated pastry cooks and pastry chefs.

While once written solely by Dana Cree about her adventures in the pastry department of Blackbird in Chicago, this blog now has many voices and explores pastry departments across the country. We come here to give you a window into our departments, often pushed into the corner of a restaurant, always rigorous and demanding, but ultimately rewarding and  filled with the sweetest things.

This blog is dedicated to those out there in professional restaurant pastry departments, but we want everyone to follow along. We hope you enjoy reading along with us as much as we enjoy sharing with you!