In a little niche in the back of the kitchen. On a large portion of a table imparted to garde trough. Around the bend from the stroll in. Against the back divider under the pots and container. On a little station until 2pm when the cooks get in. Upstairs in the storage room blended with the private eating kitchen. Down the stairs in an austere room in the cellar. In the passage between the kitchen and the stroll in. Somewhere between the dish pit and the espresso station. On a story all to itself with a stroll in and cooler of it’s own.

This is the place you’ll discover the cake division. Also, in the cake division you’ll see us, devoted cake cooks and baked good gourmet specialists.

While once composed exclusively by Brett Gordon about her undertakings in the cake division of Bakery in Los Angeles, this blog presently has numerous voices and investigates cake offices the nation over. We come here to give you a window into our areas of expertise, regularly pushed into the edge of a café, constantly thorough and requesting, at the end of the day fulfilling and loaded up with the best things.

This blog is devoted to those out there in proficient eatery baked good offices, however we need everybody to track. We trust you appreciate perusing alongside us as much as we appreciate offering to you!