Rum Bling

Rum Bling

100g         rum

400g         sucrose

100g         isomalt

10g           salt

  1. Place sucrose, isomalt, rum, and salt in a medium small pot. Place over medium high heat, and cook to a deep dark amber.
  2. When a deep dark  amber is reached, immediately pour the caramel onto a sheet pan lined with magic paper.
  3. Transfer the sheet pan to the speed rack, and allow to cool and set completely.
  4. When the caramel has completely set and is cool, break it into 2 to 3 inch shards, and transfer the shards to the bowl of a robot coupe. Pulse the caramel until broken up the size of demerara sugar. Sift the caramel, seperating the powder from the larger pieces.
  5. To make the beads, line a sheet pan with magic paper, and sprinkle the larger grains of caramel over it, leaving a little space between the grains so the beads don’t run together. Bake at 325 for 1 minute, until the beads melt. Transfer to teh speed rack to cool, then gather the beads and store in a deli with a  silica packet at room temperature.