chocolate purse- assembly

Chocolate Purse BatterĀ chilled

Chocolate sesame truffles

Melted butter

Brick pastry

  1. Lay a single piece of brick pastry on a work surface and brush with melted butter. Using a 2 oz # 16 disher scoop, place one scoop of chocolate batter in the center of the pastry.
  2. Stack 2 chocolate sesame truffles on top of themselves, and press into the scoop of chocolate purse batter.
  3. Place a second scoop of chocolate purse batter over the first, pressing it as you release it so it becomes one large mass, not a snowman.
  4. Carefully pull the edges of the brick pastry in, pinching right above where the pastry covers the top of the chocolate batter, until it resembles a pouch.
  5. Use a lenghth of string and tie the purse shut. Use your fingers to manipulate the frill until even. Transfer the chocolate purses to a deep fish flat and store covered in the lowboy until ready to bake.
  6. To bake the purse: Place one purse on a small parchment lined sheet pan. Cut the string from the purse and remove it gently before placing in a 350 high fan degree oven for 4 turn 4 minutes. Serve immediately.