Pearl Sugar

50g sucrose

100g rum

100g water

450g sugcrose

2g salt

1.Place 50g of sucrose in a bowl and set aside.

2.Place the rum, water, 450g sucrose, and salt in a small pot. place the pot over medium high heat, and cook, stirring to dissolve the sucrose. Cook the sugar to 235 degrees F.

 3. When the sugar solution reaches 235 degrees F, pour it into the reserved bowl of sugar and stir.

4. Continue stirring until the sugar becomes white, starts to recrystalize, and begins to clump.

5. Pour the crystalized clumps of sugar out onto a sheet pan, and use your hands to break the crystalized sugar into pieces the size of corn kernels. Allow the sugar to cool completely and fully crystalize. Sift the sugar through a mesh strainer to separate the larger clumps, discarding the finer sugar that falls through the mesh strainer.

6. Transfer to delis for storage in the pantry.