Banana Pudding

1400g     milk

600g       cream

12           bananas extremely ripe

500g       sucrose

60g         cornstarch

4              eggs

200g       yolks

100g       butter

  1. Place milk and cream in a large pot. Peel bananas and break them into 4 inch pieces. Add them to the pot with the diary. Place the pot over medium high heat and bring to a boil. When the dairy boils, remove from heat and allow to steep for 2 hours.
  2. After 2 hours, strain the bananas from the dairy and discard the bananas. Place the banana dairy in a clean pot and place over medium heat.
  3. Meanwhile, place the sucrose, cornstarch, eggs, and egg yolks in a medium bowl and whisk until smooth. When the banana milk comes to a boil, add 1/3 of the banana milk to the eggs and whisk until smooth. Transfer back to the pot and whisk into the remaining banana milk.
  4. Cook over medium heat, whisking gently and scraping the sides with a rubber spatula, until the pudding begins to bubble. Cook for 30 seconds at a boil, then remove the pot from heat.
  5. Immediately transfer the pudding into the cup of a robot coupe. Add the butter and process for 60 seconds, until smooth.
  6. Place the pudding in a metal bowl and cover with plastic wrap pressed directly on the surface of the pudding. Transfer the bowl to an ice bath and chill completely. When cold, store pudding in pint delis in the low boy.