pate de fruit

425g    fruit puree

275g    water

25g      pectin yellow

75g      sucrose

750g    sucrose

150g    glucose liquid

10g      malic acid




  1. Prepare a half sheet pan by spraying with pan spray, and lining with soft acetate.
  2. Place the peach puree and water in a pot and bring to a boil.
  3. Dry mix the pectin and 75g of the sucrose until the pectin is evenly dispersed. Whisk the pectin mixture into the boiling water and raspberry.
  4. When the mixture has come back to a boil, whisk in the 750g sucrose and glucose.
  5. Cook stirring frequently to avoid scorching, until the mixture reaches *106 C degrees.
  6. When the mixture reaches 106 C, whisk the malic acid into the pate de fruit and immediately pour it into a greased half sheet pan. The gel will begin to form the second the malic acid is added, so make sure your pan is prepared and at your side.
  7. Allow pate de fruit to set at room temperature, cut in desired shapes, and dust with granulated sugar.

*For citrus pate de fruit, take the mixture to 108C

3 Responses to “pate de fruit”

  1. Rachel Arenas

    Hi Dana! I’m in love with this website/blog and what you are offering to young professionals starting out. I completely relate and you’ve inspired me to continue to pursue and pave my way with little experience. Thank you so much for that! I have a simple request which I noticed while perusing your formulas. The French Macaron formula is not available for some reason. When the link is clicked it brings you to the Pate de Fruit one instead. Other than that I love the site and thanks for providing recipes! If I am ever in Chicago I would love to visit you and possibly stage! Or maybe you could move to Asheville,NC and start a kitchen of your own and I could work for you! 🙂
    Rachel Arenas.

  2. Susan Winegar

    In the ingredient list you have 750 sucrose and 150 liquid glucose. Yet in the directions you say to add the 1500 sucrose & glucose to the boiling mixture. Is the correct amount of liquid glucose 750? Thanks and good luck w/your latest adventure!


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