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Pumpkin Pie for Me and You

This is my first holiday season since I lost my ability to eat wheat and holiday pies feel very of reach for me this year. That flaky, crispy, buttery crust I have been mastering since my grandmother first handed me a rolling pin? I can make that for you! But not for me. This year, in order… Read more »

A girl in the kitchen

A recent rash of articles has been written about sexual harassment in professional kitchens. Just google it, you’ll find them. I’ve cycled through a complete spectrum of emotions recently after reading them, in particular because many of the articles involve the restaurant group I work for, and more specifically, the restaurant I work for. I… Read more »

A pastry chef without

I’ve been quiet this summer. It’s not you, really. It’s me. I’ve been without words, drained of them. I was promoting my book, and in doing that I traversed the country, talking, and talking, and talking about my book. I thought writing the book would be the hard part, or perhaps the tedious recipe testing process…. Read more »

The Proposal

Part 2 in the series…..   The thought of writing a book proposal was really intimidating for me. I’d been sent a couple of proposals that looked so professional, and so much like their resulting books, I felt lost. At the time, this probably told more about the flimsiness of the ideas I had kicking around. But… Read more »

Hello My Name Is Ice Cream

March 28th, my first book was published, a cook book about ice cream, called Hello My Name Is Ice Cream; the Art and Science of the Scoop. You can find more information about it here!  I am so honored this opportunity came my way, to be the proud author of a book of my… Read more »

Setting the goal

The term “annual review” doesn’t garner the same excitement as “staff party.” While I had attended staff parties with regularity throughout my career, I had honestly never had a real review until I came on board with One Off Hospitality in 2012 at Blackbird. I find the these reviews mildly exhausting to perform for my own… Read more »

A Long-winded Post on Pacojets

If you want to start a lively debate, put a savory chef and a pastry chef in a room and bring up Pacojets. Invented in Switzerland in the 1980s and made available to the U.S. market in 1992, a Pacojet is “a dynamic professional kitchen appliance that makes it easy to prepare high-quality dishes while… Read more »

No News Is Good News

Admittedly, it’s been a little quiet over here at The Pastry Department. A fact that can only mean one thing, we have been anything but quiet in our kitchens! I’ll give you a little update on the team here, as we have all been doing pretty wonderful things in our absence from this blog. Which… Read more »

Un été à Paris: Part two, on surviving your stage

Chapter Two: The Stage We all know the stereotype: an imposing, mustachioed man outfitted in a crisp white chef coat, dumping all of your mise en place into the garbage while screaming obscenities. It’s almost comically cliché, culminating in a very subdued cook uttering a string of “oui chef“s before returning to the failed task,… Read more »