Banana Powder


40g         rice bran oil

2g            banana extract

40g         tapioca maltodextrin

100g       freeze dried bananas

20g         tapioca maltodextrin

40g         powdered sugar


  1. Mix the rice bran oil and banana extract together and set aside.
  2. Place the 40g tapioca maltodextrin in the bowl of the food processor. Turn the food processor on, and quickly drizzle the banana oil in. Spin for 30 seconds, then stop the mahcine, remove the top, and scrape the sides of the bowl down. Pulse until the powder is fine and even.
  3. Place the freeze dried bananas and the 20g tapioca maltodextrin in a completely dry blender cup. Blend until the bananas becomes a fine even powder. Add the breeze dried banana powder to the bowl of the robot coupe along wiht the powdered sugar. Pulse until the powders are evenly combined. Sift the banana powder and store in delis in the pantry.

3 Responses to “Banana Powder”

  1. Wendy DeBord

    Hi Dana,

    I’m wondering what brand of banana extract you use? I’ve never come across one that didn’t taste artificial.


    • Dana Cree

      Hi Wendy- i use a banana extract from terra spice, but it doesn’t taste like actual bananas. Banana extract is concocted by scientists rather than being extracted from bananas, and contains high amounts of isoamyl acetate which is a flavor molecule found in overripe fruits. this molecule exists in very high concentration in overripe bananas, which is why it gives an air of banana without really tasting like a banana. I’ve had pears from Frog Hollow Farm that were so ripe they had traces of this flavor, and plums as well, called Bubblegum plums. In fact, isoamyl acetate is the backbone of bubblegum. So, long story short, i get it from terra spice. But it tastes artificial.


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