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From plate to cone

Almost 3 years ago a friend asked me “if you were to open your own place, what would it be?” As a pastry chef, it was a tough question to answer. I had been working the fine dining pastry station for 15 years. My first thought was “can’t I just open a restaurant built around… Read more »

A Recipe for Transperancy

It’s been a busy past few weeks….but isn’t it always. Seven weeks ago I was happy to participate in the Valrhona C3 competition held at the StarChefs Congress in Brooklyn. “caramel cremeux coated in speculoos cookie butter, dipped in chocolate, rolled in gold” Four weeks ago I had a Chef de Cuisine from a Michelin 2… Read more »

the one spoon quenelle and how to hide it

i work in Carmel, CA. a place most people don’t go. one of the most beautiful places in the world. Big Sur to the south and Pebble Beach to the north, a relaxing 1 hour drive to Santa Cruz where Keefer Sutherland heads a vampire clan (maybe he’s moved on) and another hour into San… Read more »