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Black Raspberry

 photo by Christian Seel “The running blackberry would adorn the parlors of heaven” according to the prose of Walt Whitman. A testament indeed to the wide reach of bramble berry vines, found  in nearly every corner of our planet, and as Whitman believes, celestially as well. Bramble berries, those small sweet clusters that adorn thorny vines are possibly the most abundant and… Read more »

Sorghum Syrup

What flavor is your sugar? This is a question we ask ourselves when we start developing a dish. Sugar, for us, is a family, not that white granulated stuff in a bag in your cupboard, or in a bin in your pastry department. That’s sucrose, and before I open that can of worms, I’ll save… Read more »

Corn Pops

For a recent composed cheese course using Pipers Pyramid, a paprika dusted goat cheese pyramid from Capriole farms in southern Indiana, we explored the complimentary flavor of corn. We wanted to exploit summer on a plate, and were fiddling with the flavors of corn and tomatoes. In our travels on and off the plate, we… Read more »


It wasn’t development on a new dessert that brought Danish into our pastry department. It wasn’t a desire to explore the limitations of lamination, a lesson in classic technique for our cooks, or any previous experience on my own part that caused us to start rolling sheets of enriched dough around slabs of cold butter. It was the… Read more »

The Pastry Department

In a small nook in the back of the kitchen. On half a table shared with garde manger. Around the corner from the walk in. Against the back wall under the pots and pans. On a small station until 2pm when the cooks get in. Upstairs in the attic intermingled with the private dining kitchen. Downstairs in a… Read more »