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The Shoulders We Stand On

I’ve long wanted to write a series of posts on this blog dedicated to the shoulders we stand on. Everything I know, I learned from someone else in one way or another, and many of those people who labored to forward the craft of baking, pastry, and desserts, are at risk of slipping from our… Read more »

Sugar Cookies Two Ways

first published at, this piece covers the basics of cookies, and gives recipes for both soft sugar cookies, and rolled sugar cookies. With Christmas cookie season upon us, I thought this refresher might assist in your own holiday baking.   Around December, my thoughts turn to all things cookie. I’m not alone. Magazines dedicated… Read more »

It’s Not Actually Funny

Food and Wine asked me to write something for a new column they are publishing called Communal Table- in case it passed you by, here it is. This piece follows on the heels of my blog post here, in which I come clean about my own participation in this big tangled mess of laughter and… Read more »

Pumpkin Pie for Me and You

This is my first holiday season since I lost my ability to eat wheat and holiday pies feel very of reach for me this year. That flaky, crispy, buttery crust I have been mastering since my grandmother first handed me a rolling pin? I can make that for you! But not for me. This year, in order… Read more »

A girl in the kitchen

A recent rash of articles has been written about sexual harassment in professional kitchens. Just google it, you’ll find them. I’ve cycled through a complete spectrum of emotions recently after reading them, in particular because many of the articles involve the restaurant group I work for, and more specifically, the restaurant I work for. I… Read more »

A pastry chef without

I’ve been quiet this summer. It’s not you, really. It’s me. I’ve been without words, drained of them. I was promoting my book, and in doing that I traversed the country, talking, and talking, and talking about my book. I thought writing the book would be the hard part, or perhaps the tedious recipe testing process…. Read more »

The Proposal

Part 2 in the series…..   The thought of writing a book proposal was really intimidating for me. I’d been sent a couple of proposals that looked so professional, and so much like their resulting books, I felt lost. At the time, this probably told more about the flimsiness of the ideas I had kicking around. But… Read more »

Hello My Name Is Ice Cream

March 28th, my first book was published, a cook book about ice cream, called Hello My Name Is Ice Cream; the Art and Science of the Scoop. You can find more information about it here!  I am so honored this opportunity came my way, to be the proud author of a book of my… Read more »

Setting the goal

The term “annual review” doesn’t garner the same excitement as “staff party.” While I had attended staff parties with regularity throughout my career, I had honestly never had a real review until I came on board with One Off Hospitality in 2012 at Blackbird. I find the these reviews mildly exhausting to perform for my own… Read more »