4 Productivity Tools For Entrepreneurs

You’re concerned about two crucial areas of the business when you first start as a business owner: directing your team and spending.

As a result, you’ll require productivity software to assist you.

The condition of your organization, how you make decisions, and the specifics of how you carry out your job all influence how productive you become.

This is why the top productivity apps on this list are so diverse.

Various productivity apps might assist you in keeping track of your ever-growing mailbox.

Some will perform rote duties for you, allowing you to concentrate on the task that only you could do.

You can better your operations and your business by having the right productivity products and technologies at your disposal.

Obtaining necessary productivity tools for your startup might be beneficial.

However, some of these apps can be expensive, which is why you should look into other options like Luminablog.co.uk which has an array of online secured loans.

With this, let us take a closer look at some of the different productivity apps best for your startups.

1.  Trello

Trello is among the most widely used project management programmes on the market today.

It makes use of the premise of boards, which relate to assignments, and cards, which structure held within boards.

The cards include lists that can be used to keep track of a project’s progress or simply categorise items.

Trello allows team members to collaborate on a project or task in a timely manner.

Task allocation, an activity log, and email alerts keep everyone up to date.

You can also have infinite cards and listings with their free subscription, but only 10 team boards.

You’ll need to upgrade your subscription if you want better automation, privacy, and management products.

2.  Prezi.

Stop attempting to fit your thoughts into the right system if they never seem to come through well in traditional presentations.

Instead, use Prezi. Prezi is a presentation tool that allows you to collaborate on a large digital board.

Then you slide a virtual camera across the board to display what you’ve written on it.

It’s similar to making a short film. You keep track of your camera’s motions.

The software also includes several promptly templates and presentation tools to assist you. It also includes fantastic collaboration tools.

The software comes in a variety of variants with varying fees, with Business subscriptions beginning at $19 per month.

This should assist you in getting your business off the ground.

3.  Workplace for Facebook.

Facebook has recently announced Workplace by Facebook, a Slack rival.

It’s a mix of social networking, messaging, and workgroup productivity software.

Your Workplace profile is different from your private Facebook account and is only accessible to people in your organization.

News Feed, the ability to create and publish in Groups, and tools like Live Video, Responses, Lookup, and Recent topics are all available in the Workplace.

It also includes a chat feature that allows you to engage with coworkers in real-time.

Workers from multiple companies can collaborate using the Multi-Company Groups functionality.

This app will undoubtedly save time and money, particularly in marketing.

4.  Jamboard.

Anyone with a Google account, whether basic or for education/business, can utilise this service because it is a Google service.

Jambord is perfect for remote professionals who need to collaborate but don’t want their scribbles to get lost among stacks of paper.

It’s all saved to the cloud, and it can be shared with other people who can make changes to the file at the same time.

This is a free Google app, not the Jamboard (the product), which is an interactive and costly board.

Whiteboard is a fantastic alternative for individuals without a Google account.

Any new startup can tremendously benefit from this software, which will help them to speed their ideas by lowering research and development expenditures.


Let’s admit it: you can always use a productivity boost, no matter where you are in the startup process.

Even if you’re the dominant player, there’s always space for improvement!

This could be since we live in such a fast-paced society.

We want things to go swiftly and precisely as anticipated, which is especially true for businesses, especially startups.

The overwhelming number of apps and technologies currently on the market, however, makes selecting one fairly difficult.

Whenever it comes to selecting a tool, there are many factors to consider, but one of the most crucial is your goals.

We’ve already mentioned a few tools that can help you and your organization become more productive.


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